There Have Been Others by Steve Passey

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

There have been others
Each beautiful in their own way
Quick to smile
Quick to laugh.
The tips of their noses red in the cold

There have been others
Quiet girls in gingham and sandals
Who talked over coffee
Of anything and everything
And complimented my eyes

There have been others
Their mouths tasting of red wine
They smelled of vanilla and tea
They had tan lines on the tops of their feet
From the straps on their sandals and sun

There have been others, yes, but
There hasn’t been you
All of these other things
The gingham, the wine, the two-hour coffees
The kind words and the promise of time
It hasn’t been with you, and it is
Your hands holding your coffee I miss,
Your hair piled up high but still wild, I want
The way you hold the wheel when you drive that I think of, and
Your voice with the radio, singing, I need
So there have been others, true
But I have only ever loved you
Steve Passey is from Southern Alberta. On Valentine’s Day he’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the poor and brokenhearted.

  1. Nice! Valentine’s Day isn’t all about love and roses, it’s about heart break too. Well done.


  2. […] Yellow Chair Review out of Waco, Texas has a weekly poetry challenge called “Rock the Chair” in addition to their regular quarterly publication schedule. This weekend my poem “There Have Been Others” won the challenge  – so y’all can go on and read it here.  […]


  3. Ron. says:

    I wish I’d written this.


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