The Healing Machine by Matthew Borczon

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

they said
the old
man was
not a
though he
never bathed
said dirt
his power
he wore
overalls and
a cap
had a
long beard
like Moses
and always
spoke about
energy and
power fields
as he
old saw
blades and
Christmas lights
tin foil
bones and
copper wire
old paint
by number
kits and
model parts
and anything
shiny it
was a
hobby that
over time
became an
and years
later when
he was
very old
he showed
his friends
a large
room off
his tool
shed full
of what
he called
a healing

the result
of years
of assembling
and painting
and sculpting
all his
treasures into
a room
that captured
light and
created sound
with wind
and small
motors that
he claimed
could harness
the earths
energy and
could heal
cancer could
heal anything
a local
news reporter
asked him
how it
worked and
he said
I don’t
know but
it does

I watched
this story
tonight on
TV after
another dead
soldier amputated
baby war
I was
still sweating
and the
show distracted
my tears
well enough
and I
have no
idea if
it could
work but
I made
coffee early
and looked
at road
maps and
flight schedules
as I
what it
might be
like to
walk barefoot
into that
Matthew Borczon is a writer, nurse, and Navy Sailor from Erie, Pa. He has 4 children 3 cats and a dog all of whom he loves completely.


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