One Thousand Years Afar by Lahari Mahalanabish

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Your mention recurred
(In history books, in research articles,
Even a fictionalized film and a theatre)
Like light reflected and re reflected
Within a diamond,
The dazzle in me.

Marshy battlefields
Lit only by Will o Wisps
Shredded longitudes, pieced parchments,
Isles of limited facts,
In name of your birthplace,
In undulations of sound waves
I find the edges of a stamp
Of your land, now with a new name
And altered boundaries too,
Like the ever shifting confines on love.

A sealed box,
The loosening screw
Each circle of its turn
A crown of thorn or a laurel wreath,
Finally the content-
Is this the dagger you’ve brandished
To defend your men?
I kiss the blade
And smart with the pain
Befitting only someone
In love with the dead.

They call me deranged unable
To comprehend love happens
And cannot be chosen.

In the sky disjointed stretches of light
Monsoon returns pitting civilizations
In the graph of rain creases.
Years’ long monologue with you
My hair silvered like moonlight,
My skin rumpled like foil
My voice wisp of a ghost
Can I feel your touch?

Perhaps yes,
You are less of a stranger
Than the ones next to me
Where the mesh of responses
And counter responses come in between,
You, there unconfined, unaware
My beloved, ten centuries afar.
Lahari Mahalanabish is a software engineer by profession. Her book of poems One Hundred Poems had been published by Writers Workshop, India. Her poems/short stories have appeared in The Statesman, The Asian Age, Himal Southasia, The Criterion, Poets Online, Saw and Ashvamegh..The Literary Flight.

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