Watching A YouTube Video of a Raven Saying “Nevermore” by Brendan Gillett

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Once upon an afternoon, I did not know that very soon,
a rather remarkable yet utterly quotidian thing was in store—
There I was, calmly reading, startled by an immediate needing
I felt something eagerly pleading, pleading me to not ignore
“I should do this, ” I thought, “heading this bidding to not ignore—
A quick search should show me more.”

Ah, basically I learned it was in the beak of a bird who yearned
to be understood, not spurned, ghostly echoes of words it deplored
Eagerly went I to gather;—or perhaps I thought rightly rather
that I must learn about the matter—matter of this creature’s score
It was then I learned that the raven’s tongue could caw or
make words of ours, like “nevermore”

And the sudden, calm, audible note issuing from between these mandibles
Thrilled me—filled me with familiarity through language heard before;
So then, feeling the smile part my lips, I watched while the bird’s head dipped
“‘Tis someone who quipped to the raven, ‘say ‘nevermore””
Some person had spoken and back quoth the raven “say, ‘nevermore'”
This the bird said and nothing more.

It also did a pretty good PacMan?
And, like, that sound your computer makes when you click something and it kind of dings at you like “sorry you did the wrong thing why don’t you go back, man?”
idk basically it was the antithesis
of Poe’s poetic melancholy beauty
and studied verse
sonorous sounds summing up
nothing more than craft
instead of that, this raven’s speech
was the definition
of artlessness

I clicked the video
I clicked play
quoth the raven
“Say ‘Nevermore’

Version 2

Brendan Gillett is blessed with the ability of human-like speech sometimes.


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