Lip by Vin Whitman

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m lonely and want to go out dancing

She smiles with her gash of a mouth

Resolved to be more
Than a daffodil against the wall

More than the chemical
Residue of her parents

Scraped off the mirror
And into foster care

Never turned off
By fine-gauge imperfections

She hoped there would be one
Who’d moisten or stiffen

In the direction of her

Who’d pet a monster and
Let it sleep on the coverlet

Who’d be caught naked in her
Electric nimbus

Inverted and not suitable
For work

I want to dance. I’m tired
of being lonely

She resolves to turn
All heads including hers

She threads the needle with red
And begins to sew

You know,
It’s still a pretty smile

Vin Whitman writes in fearful imagery that can make him paranoid, but he’s learned to thrive on it. He is working on the social skills needed to do social work. He reads with The Tea House poets in Florida. More of his work can be found at:


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