[lullaby] by Jenuine Poetess

Posted: September 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

my voice got swept away
in this torrent of tears

loving arms should have cradled
rocked and lulled
these babes
into gentle dreams

tender cooing
should have been their
slumber song

not raging tides
not cruel currents
swallowing them whole
spewing them out
upon unwelcoming shore

I do not blame the sea

I blame war
I blame oppression
I blame poverty
the greed of those in power
that makes mothers &
flee homes
flee familiar
flee one evil
for the hope
of a
lesser hell

empty arms
empty hearts

all the oceans
are not vast enough
for this grief

*for Aylan. for refugees everywhere. now hear this lament.

Jenuine Poetess is the founder of Waco Poets Society and of ITWOW International–a writing circle project for womyn with chapters in Los Angeles, Texas, and Lebanon. She lives rooted in the fierce conviction that fostering the creative health of individuals & communities is a matter of justice. Jenuine currently writes and creates in Central Texas where she enjoys finding new ways to disrupt the homeostasis of her city.

www.itwowinternational.org  http://www.wacopoetssociety.org


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