Corpse Flower by Alex Vigue

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is a sun
but it is also a jar
a container
twenty-sided cylinder

this is a wave
a flask
for questions to sit in
a rhubarb pie with no idea what it is capable of

this is another sun without a father
this is a cry for help
this is a mother sobbing floors
this is the quiet

a wave of rushing and whooshing and solid things
carry corpse shells of hollowed unicellular organisms

a sun breathes heat into the nape of a corpse
flower’s broad neck
it opens and the air molecules excite
they rush in to be transformed

they exit
a wave of stench
a sign the flower is blooming and beautiful
Alex Vigue is a Washington State writer with a degree in creative writing from Western Washington University. He is the fiction editor for Dirty Chai Lit Magazine and you can find him on twitter @Kingwithnoname


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