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I wonder if Jesus ever thought of a rocking chair,
if he’d make one for his Father,
instead of the throne,

I wonder if he’d rock on it and if the world
would be different.

A calm God, going back and forth
enjoying the work of his only son
and deciding he mustn’t die
but make more chairs.

More chairs for all humans to sit,
some of their pets, too –
or all the pets, wild beasts and plants.

relaxing and swinging;

back and forth
back and forth

Aida Bode is a writer, poet and translator from Korca, Albania. She’s the author of David and Bathsheba, a novel based on the Biblical story of King David and Bathsheba, the poetic collections True Cheese and Rated, as well as a quotes collection A Commuter’s Eye View. Her prose and poetry have been published and are forthcoming in The River Muse, Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure, Vayavya, Oddball Magazine, Boston Poetry Magazine, Yellow Chair Review and more, as well as in multiple Albanian media sources outside and inside the country. Aida Bode is pursuing her MFA in creative fiction at SNHU.


Reliance by Jocelyn Mosman

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

You are every stretch of tendon,
wrist flexed, then relaxed,
the curvature of a hand,
steady and bent.

You are brain stem activity,
words and pain both flowing
down your spinal cord
until it is too hard to write.

You are mouth and throat,
soft spoken and fragile,
swallowing blood,
choking back heart.

You rely on the body:
hand to write,
spine to stand,
mouth to speak.

As you collapse inward
like a burning house,
all I can do is hold sound
the walls,

resist the destruction,
or flee.

I will not leave.
I will not watch you burn.

I will guide your hand,
until words flow past
unspeakable pain
onto open page.

I will stand tall beside you,
become sturdy,
lumbar vertebrae,
help you climb and stretch.

I will give your voice legacy,
as student, as friend,
next generation of oral tradition
passed hand-to-hand like communion,

but when the house smolders,
the skeleton screams,
the joints crack.
I smell smoke.

As body relies on body,
I rely on you.

I will not leave.
I will not watch you burn.
Jocelyn Mosman is a junior at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in English and Politics. She will be studying at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK this fall. She is also a member of the Northampton Poetry Slam Team to compete at the National Poetry Slam this August in Oakland, California. She has published two volumes of poetry and is currently working on a third.